Rand Paul Filibusters, Facebook is a-Twitter, Nothing is Accomplished

Paul-filibuster-ties-up-vet-jobs-bill-voteLast night’s Senate fascinating 13-hour filibuster over the use of drones was the talk of Twitter and Facebook. However,

Despite the filibuster, a vote on the nomination of John Brennan for CIA director — whom Paul was technically holding up with his speech — is expected to proceed as early as Thursday. (Fox News)

The Paulbots (sorry, the Republican Liberty Caucus) turned themselves inside-out and wept with joy as they watched their hero on C-Span for hours and hours like a Matlock Marathon on TBS (@paulbot: “this is SO SUPER AWESOME!! #standwithrand”).  In the end, Brennan will be confirmed, and Obama will still kill you with a drone if he wants to.

It will be wrong, but you’ll still be dead.  I’m sure Senator Paul will be sad for you and the Republican Liberty Caucus will be outraged.

St Bonifacius Bans Drones

In other drone news, I picked this up from the Waconia Patriot last week: St. Boni acts to protect its airspace against drones

The resolution bans the operation of drones within the city air space by any individual, company, contractor, or government entity without a valid warrant, or where immediate danger of death or serious injury to any person exists. Flying of a drone without a warrant will be considered a misdemeanor carrying a penalty of up to one year in jail and a fine not to exceed $5,000.

You should realize that St Boni has an airspace of 1.07 square miles, and the range of a Hellfire drone-fired missile is 5 miles, so a US Military Predator Drone doesn’t actually need your permission or your airspace to blow you up, right?  And that Google can see your paranoid butts from space…?

Do you really think the Marines or Air  Force are going to stop by City Hall and apply for a permit before flying over St Boni, or give a damn about the threatened $5,000 fine?  I have seen much time wasted at public meetings, but few things more meaningless than a resolution trying to ban military aircraft from your tiny airspace.  Just stupid.

PS, you can buy your own surveillance drone on ebay for about four hundred bucks and control it with your iPhone – Hellfire missiles are a little extra….around $70 thousand according to Lockheed-Martin.

Ernie Leidiger’s Bonding Bill

ERN2After doing almost nothing in his first term, Ernie Leidiger has signed on to a slew of bills in 2013, including HF587 – a ten million dollar bonding bill to study, develop and rehabilitate a choo-choo train from Norwood Young America to Hanley Falls.  The bill is scheduled for a hearing in House Transportation Finance Committee today (3/7/13).  He was against bonding before he was for it…

Ernie also wants twenty million for highway 212 development in HF 962.

Hey, at least he’s doing something this time…

Joe Hoppe is off the GOP Reservation

HF1083 Judicial Retention Elections. Co-authored by Joe Hoppe and “ultra-conservative” Dave Thompson.  Opposite Section 7 the GOP platform.  Read more at the Brick City Blog.  I’m certain a stern reprimand, letters to the editor, and a vote of no-confidence are coming soon from the Carver County GOP (see below)

Carver County GOP really is the He-Man Woman Haters Club


Last election season, this blog roundly criticized GOP-endorsed candidates for boycotting the League of Women Voters’ candidate forums, and dubbed them the He-Man Woman Haters Club.

But now that both Representative Hoppe (R-male-Chaska) and Representative Leidiger (R-male-Mayer) have signed on to HF1323 a GUN CONTROL bill which contains many similar measures to the Senate Bill that Senator Ortman (R-female-Chanhassen) originally co-authored a few weeks ago and later withdrew her support over procedural issues.

Senator Ortman (R-female-Chanhassen) was crucified by the Carver County GOP “Leadership” before and during the February convention and even subjected to a ill-advised vote of no-confidence by the misogynists in the crowd (which was easily defeated by the sensible members of the Party).

One wonders where is the outrage of the same GOP Gun Nuts when it comes to the men’s bill in the House.  So far, not a peep from them about the Hilstrom/Leidiger/Hoppe bill.  Apparently only manly men (R-male) are allowed to make decisions about how gun laws are enforced, and women should only author bills about cooking & cleaning and frilly aprons.  Meanwhile, manly men (R-male) are allowed to author bills to the polar opposite of the GOP Party platform with no consequences.

Psst – “Stand on Principle” people: your double-standards are showing.

When are we going to learn that we Republicans need MORE women in the party, not less? One hopes that the newly-elected leaders of the Carver GOP will have more sense than the last batch.  Sadly, they are many of the same people so there is little hope.


An 86 year old woman in St Peter is facing felony charges for voting twice in the August 2012 Primary. She suffers from dementia and forgot that she already voted Absentee.  The election judges had information on election day that she had already voted, but allowed her to vote anyway. She faces a Court appearance April 2.

If only there was a Constitutional Amendment about Voter ID, this sort of thing would never happen…right?

Meanwhile, the DFL plots to ruin our economy

taxmanYou have a choice, you can keep infighting, or maybe put up some opposition to minimum wage hike (HF599/SF504), the Mark Dayton Tax-you-into-oblivion plan (too many bills to list) and Gay Marriage (HF1054/SF925).

You start winning by unifying. You finish winning by running better campaigns on better issues and getting more votes than the other guys.  Then you get to govern. And then MAYBE you don’t get killed by a drone.

Get it?

One thought on “Droning on and on, and other news

  1. Oh, if only you knew anything about what actually happens at Carver County GOP, especially at the exec level? You might have something to carp about if you did. But, your problem is you are so far off base as to be a joke.

    First off, it wasn’t Carver County GOP that decided candidates should avoid the League of Women Voter’s debates. The candidates themselves made that decision. And it had nothing to do with women versus men and you know it.

    Second of all, the Board had nothing to do with the no confidence issue. We knew it was coming, but there wasn’t a thing we could do to stop it. A delegate proposed this vote, without any specific basis. He never mentioned it had anything to do with the gun control issue when he proposed the vote of no confidence.

    Had you been there, you might have notice when this delegate made the proposal, I shouted out, “Based on what?”, for which I received a stern look from the Convention Chair for being out of order for my outburst.

    What followed was proper procedure for discussion of that matter where all sorts of reasons for the vote of no confidence, a few of which centered on the gun bill, but most of which did not. The newly elected board chair actually spoke against the vote.

    While I found the matter extremely distasteful, as did many, as it overwhelmingly failed, it was within the bounds of the convention as neither the chair nor the parliamentarian objected. And believe me; they would have if it were out of bounds.

    Your assertion that this is somehow a male versus female debate is flat out stupid and baseless. But I guess we should consider the source. A chicken hiding behind an anonymous blog, who was been involved in mail fraud, and has violated campaign finance law, probably has no basis for lecturing the board about anything.

    I invite you to actually attend a County BPOU meeting and see for yourself what I and my fellow members actually do at these meetings, rather than post this drivel that has no basis in reality. But then again, I imagine coward like you, would have no interest in volunteer efforts designed to move the party forward. How about you grow a set and get in the game. Any punk can hide behind an anonymous handle and be a critic. You seem to excel at it. Why not join us and make the GOP better? Then again, trash like you probably would never be selected as even a delegate, if you were to ever come clean about who you really are.

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