The online edition of the Chanhassen Villager has a statement from Representative Leidiger.

It is what I like to call “A budget for a better Wisconsin,” because neighboring states with friendlier tax climates sure look a lot more attractive after reading the governor’s plan to kill jobs and empty wallets through misguided tax increases.

Instead of fixing what doesn’t work, Gov. Dayton plans on making government bigger than ever and adding a historic $3.7 billion in taxes, most to be paid for by folks like you and me.

While we don’t disagree with Rep. Leidiger’s sentiments on the Governor trying to raise our taxes, and making Minnesota less attractive to business than Wisconsin, it is unfortunate that he (or his staff) has chosen to use the phrase “folks like you and me” when it comes to paying taxes.

Ernie Leidiger’s business and tax problems have been well documented here and other places.

Keep fighting those tax increases, Representative Leidiger, but until you get your tax liens and settlements sorted out and satisfied, please don’t insult us by trying to sound like “one of us.”