Full Story: Shakopee Valley News


Patrick Ciliberto, Scott County Attorney has notified the Scott County Board that he is going to sue them because he doesn’t think his 3% raise for 2013 is enough.

In 2012, Ciliberto was paid $128,000, and the Board recently approved and across-the-board 3% raise for all elected positions, which would bring Ciliberto to roughly $132,000. Ciliberto has already successfully sued for a small raise in 2011.

A smart guy like the County Attorney would know what the job pays before he ran for office, right?  Maybe the voters would prefer a County Attorney that prosecutes crime instead of spending his time suing the people that pay his salary.  His third term expires in 2014.

“When I run for office, I’ll tell the public I’ve been underpaid for years,” Ciliberto said last week. (source)  As an elected official, you do have the option of not running if you don’t think the job pays well enough.  There are plenty of unemployed people in the State (though not many of them are lawyers).

Ciliberto’s 2010 salary was $124,267, and was frozen at that level in 2011, but Ciliberto sued and won, having his pay increased by Court order.

In case you are wondering, Mark Metz, Carver County Attorney, had his 2013 salary set by the County Board at $127,000 at the December 18, 2012 meeting. (Resolution #53-12)