minnesota_is_a_blue_stateIts been a month since election day, when we all were reminded that Minnesota is a blue state.

Since then, there has been a parade of glum, down-in-the-mouth GOP leaders spreading doom and gloom around in the media, and much speculation about the DFL agenda once the legislative session starts in January.

Take, for example, Senator Dave Thompson (R-Lakeville) who recently commented “I’ve been looking hard for four weeks for a silver lining, but I’m not seeing one,” and went on to say “I think you are going to see a broadening of unionization. You are going to see an incredible shift against building roads and toward transit. I think you are going to see an incredible level of increased spending.” Thompson went on to call Mitt Romeny “weak.”

Meanwhile, DFL-friendly groups are salivating at the chance to push through their Liberal agenda and many well-known DFL leaders are considering forming a Progressive caucus (a sort-of anti-TEA Party, I guess).

There is so much to look forward to in the next two years.

We can look forward to Governor Dayton pushing through his tax on the wealthy. There will be an effort to legalize gay marriage. Michigan just passed right-to-work legislation, but Governor Dayton is still considering plans to unionize day care workers. We can look forward to a forty-cents-a-gallon gas tax increase. We can look forward to more talk of “tax-reform” and “fairness” while more people will work part-time because of Obamacare. We might even throw in that internet sales tax for good measure. And don’t think that the Minnesota pot-smokers aren’t closely watching recent developments in Washington and Colorado with a dry mouth and a bag of Fritos.

Oh, and the stadium e-gaming revenue is about half what they thought it would be, so look for “The People’s Stadium” people to come sniffing around for another revenue source (your wallet) again in the near future

Much of the media coverage in the past weeks has been focused on how the GOP “over-reached” with the no-taxes budget/shutdown and the two constitutional amendments.  But at the same time, they praise the DFL for doing essentially the same thing. This is not a bi-partisan agenda, it essentially represents a DFL over-reach – repeating the mistakes of the recent GOP majorities.  I say, “go for it.”

But they won the election, so they get to govern.

al_frankenThe silver lining is that there is another election in two short years.  The Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, State Auditor, and the entire House of Representatives will be on the ballot, along with a certain US Senator. We have work to do – real work – if we are to be ready for the next electoral fight. There will be no shortage of issues to run on (see above).

What we can do is rebuild the party, recruit electible candidates, raise funds, and debate the issues with the other side. We are the the Party of Lincoln, and it is time to start acting like it.

What we can’t do is walk around with our head down, kicking the dirt, preaching doom and gloom, or go on blaming each other for losing.  Or worse – saying dumb stuff to turn off more voters, and continue to let the crazy people drive the party agenda, and let the left define us instead of stepping forward and defining ourselves. We need to attract people to the Party, not scare them away with crazy talk.

As Dave Thompson said, “We can’t do it without the votes.”