President: Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan (R) v Barack Obama/Joe Biden (D)
Winner: Obama.

Four more years…Crap.

Oh, and now Blinky Joe Biden is the early frontrunner for 2016.  We’re doomed.

US Senate: Kurt Bills (R) v Amy Klobuchar (D)
Winner: Klobuchar 65% – 30%

Bills never had a chance. He didn’t run hard, made rookie mistakes, didn’t fundraise well, and the Ron Paul crowd that got him endorsed never showed up to work for him.  Bills is an object lesson, and we’ve got two years to learn it.  A sacrificial lamb is one thing, but Kurt didn’t even make Amy try hard or spend her war chest.

The really disturbing part is that Bills didn’t even carry Republican stronghold Carver County, losing even here 55-42.  The Bills campaign was a failure at all levels.  The good news is that now maybe the Ron Paul people will shut up and go away.

US House of Representatives, MN-3: Michele Bachmann (R) v Jim Graves (D)
Winner: Bachmann 50.4% – 49.3%

Bachmann squeaked out a 4,000 vote win.  Jim Graves made her run hard and spend her money.  The Bills people should have been paying attention to this race.  But a win is a win.

US House of Representatives, MN-6: Erik Paulsen (R) v Brian Barnes (D)
Winner: Paulsen 58% – 42%

Likable Paulsen cruised to another term.  He worked hard, but Barnes was never a serious challenge.

MN Senate, 33: Dave Osmek (R)Judy Rogosheske (D)
Winner: Osmek 59% – 41%

Osmek was out-fundraised by Rogosheske $37k – $30k, but it appears Judy didn’t spend the money, and still had $23K on-hand as of October 22.  This is a missed opportunity and a rookie mistake by the DFL, and a dodged bullet by the GOP.  Osmek will have an uncomfortable chair in the Senate.

MN Senate, 47: Julianne Ortman (R) v Jim Weygand (D)
Winner: Ortman 64% – 36%

Senator Ortman’s vote totals reflect the general party composition of the county.  A good Republican candidate running a good campaign should get this kind of result here.  Obviously, people like Julianne Ortman and continue to support her. Weygand showed up and did some work, but never really had a chance.

MN House, 33B: Cindy Pugh (R) v Denise Bader (D)
Winner: Pugh 54% – 46%

Cindy Pugh, the Tea Party candidate, won the open seat thanks to redistricting. The money in this race was pretty even, both candidates were working with about $28K, but it appeared that Pugh’s team worked harder, I observed that she won the sign war, which usually indicates someone is working hard.

MN House, 47A: Ernie Leidiger (R) v Keith Pickering (D)
Winner: Leidiger 63% – 37%

For all of his problems, Ernie wins easily, despite not campaigning, not fundraising, and not showing up for candidate forums.  I would be surprised, except that Pickering worked even less, and missed a golden opportunity to knock off a damaged candidate.

MN House 47B: Joe Hoppe (R), unopposed
Winner: Hoppe 97%

Carver County Commissioners, District 1: Gayle Degler v John Siegfried
Winner: Degler 61% – 39%

Degler won comfortably over former Commissioner Siegfried.  You probably didn’t hear much about this race because both candidates did their jobs and communicated their vision of Carver County to the voters without shouting, name-calling, boycotting, or making a spectacle of themselves.  The voters just liked Degler’s vision better. Well done, gentlemen.

Carver County Commissioners, District 2: Tom Workman v Cheryl Ayotte
Winner: Workman 58% – 42%

I hate to admit I didn’t see this one coming. Cheryl Ayotte ran a great campaign, worked really hard, and appeared to me to be winning. Workman has some serious explaining to do about his moonlighting as a lobbyist, financial and tax problems, and his unwillingness to even mount a serious campaign.  Workman is the only GOP-endorsed non-partisan candidate to win his race, and probably the one that did the least work to get re-elected. The guy needs to start showing up; his disdain for his constituents is obvious and offensive.

Carver County Commissioners, District 3: Randy Maluchnik v Vince Beaudette
Winner: Maluchnik 67% – 32%

It wasn’t close. Beaudette never had a chance against popular Commissioner Maluchnik. This race should be a shining example of how not to win.  Beaudette spent all his time courting the 30% on the extreme right and conceded the rest to his opponent. Not a winning formula.

Carver County Commissioners, District 4: Tim Lynch v Frank Long
Winner: Lynch 63% -36%

Tim Lynch put an ass-kicking on Frank Long.  This should example two of how not to win by claiming the angry, extreme right with a belligerent red-faced shouting campaign and handing a huge majority of normal people to your opponent. Frank Long is his own worst enemy, and actually did better in the 3-way primary election than he did in the general.  The more people got to know Frank, the more they liked Tim.

Carver County Commissioners, District 5: Jim Ische v Jim Walter
Winner: Ische 53% – 46%

The closest of the Commissioner races. I wonder if Walter had run his own campaign instead of throwing in with Long, Workman, and Beaudette if he would have had a chance to win.  He obviously worked hard and put out a ton of signs all over the County. To his credit, Jim Ische has weathered some very serious challenges in the last three elections, but he is pretty popular in his district and keeps winning.

Chanhassen City Council (elect 2 of 6): Jerry McDonald, Bethany Tjornhom, J.R. Relick, Ron Roeser, Kirk Pettis, Matt Winterer
Winners: Tjornhom 30%, McDonald 19.5%

The incumbants hold their seats.  GOP-backed Winterer and Pettis made a decent showing, but there is no prize for 3rd and 4th place. Apparently, people prefer their non-partisan candidates to be non-partisan, and trying to slap a party label on a candidate rubs people the wrong way.

The really interesting thing about this race to me was the number of Chanhassen people who didn’t vote for anyone. 29K ballots cast, and over 10K didn’t pick a City Council candidate. Almost a third of Chanhassen doesn’t care about City government. That’s scary.

Amendment 1: Marriage
Defeated.  I have no idea about this one.  I’m not sure why it was so important to have on the ballot in the first place, and maybe it’s the ultra-conservative social agenda that handed the majorities in the House and Senate to the DFL. More to come, I am sure.  The Marriage Amendment received about 50% support in Carver County.

Amendment 2: Voter ID
Defeated. So, people who didn’t have to show ID to vote showed up and voted against a measure to require people to show ID to vote.  This is my shocked face. The election system needs to be fixed. Can we at least start with having some proof of US citizenship in order to vote?  Baby steps.  Carver County supported the Voter ID Amendment about 56% – 44%.