There has been some foolishness going on around the subject of Judicial Endorsements and the GOP.

Officially, the Republican Party of Minnesota does not endorse Judicial candidates, but they do publish an informational guide to “assist voters in making informed decisions.”

Apparently, there is a fictitious organization calling themselves the “Minnesota Judicial District Republican Committees” that have been attributing a Republican endorsement to Judicial Candidates.

This same group held “endorsing conventions” in September against the express instructions of the State Party.

This blog is not going to tell you who to vote for.  The following information is presented to let you know that the MNGOP does not sponsor or condone the actions of the MJDRC, and that there is official GOP information available for the candidates.  I removed the link to the bogus website, because I am not going to support any more confusion around the issue.


From: MN Judicial District Republican Chairs <BusWare@aol.com>
Date: Fri, Nov 2, 2012 at 3:59 PM
Subject: Judicial Voters’ Guide – Pass It On!!

Minnesota Judicial District Republican Committees

Dear Judicial Convention Delegates,

If you haven’t already gone to our website to see our Judicial Voters’ Guide, please click now on <link removed>

Because many, many people do not know which judges to vote for on Election Day, every two years we have made recommendations like this. We hope they are helpful. The Republican Party of Minnesota has been actively promoting judicial endorsements and elections since 1997. The Judicial District Republican Committees were established in the RPM Constitution more than ten years ago. The Chairs of these ten Judicial Committees meet at least monthly.


Please forward this email immediately to all of your BPOU’s Precinct Delegates, Alternates, Caucus Attendees, and anyone else you can think of!


Please contact me at busware@aol.com, if you have any questions.

Thanks for your support!

Bonn Clayton, Convener
MN Judicial District Republican Chairs


From: Republican Party of Minnesota <mngopcommunications@mngop.com>
Date: November 2, 2012, 8:10:29 PM CDT
Subject: Information Regarding Judicial Elections
Reply-To: Republican Party of Minnesota <mngopcommunications@mngop.com>

Memo to all GOP Activists

You continue to receive emails from an organization calling itself the “Minnesota Judicial District Republican Committee.”

First, there’s no such organization under the MN GOP. It’s a fictional entity created in order to circumvent the decision we made as a party at this year’s State Convention not to endorse judicial candidates. They couldn’t use the Judicial Committee, so they just made up something new in order to mislead and confuse Republicans. Simply unacceptable.

Second, this organization will soon be the subject of legal action, including Campaign Finance Board complaints as it has illegally used the Republican Party of Minnesota’s disclaimer. Neither have they filed as a separate committee.

Third, beyond flouting party rules, they’ve endorsed a liberal, “Independent” Dean Barkley. Do you agree with Barkley that abortion is a “right”?

Fourth, no member of this party gets to do whatever the heck they want, including taking party lists, party resources and damaging the party’s brand and reputation, in the face of party rules and the party Constitution, simply because they feel strongly about an issue. Haven’t we had enough of that?

I’m sorry this is necessary, but I thought it was important to provide another clarification. Attached once again here is a link to the official MNGOP Judicial Voter Guide.

Pat Shortridge
Republican Party of Minnesota

Paid for by the Republican Party of Minnesota.
Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.