About a month ago I commented on how Ernie Leidiger doesn’t seem to be campaigning and featured his picture on a milk carton because he was not being seen in public. To be fair, he does have a sign out on Highway 5 in Waconia, and I spotted another one over in Carver. The campaign is in full swing, now.

I also commented a few weeks ago on a literature piece by Cheryl Ayotte pointing out that Tom Workman was appointed to the Transportation Advisory Board but didn’t show up to meetings half the time.

Well, I am breaking out the milk carton for Workman now. He might as well be the invisible man. For a guy who has been publicly criticized for not showing up, Tom has not been doing anything to prove her wrong.

He didn’t show up to the endorsing convention of the Carver County GOP where his Commissioner District delegates voted to endorse him in absentia.

He joined the idiotic boycott of the League of Women Voters candidate forum, so he won’t be showing up for that. And then he called the newspaper and called the LWV the “Democrat party of Carver County.”

He has a few recycled signs out around the County, but not nearly as many as his opponent.  Cleverly, they are the same color and size as many other signs, so they are hard to really notice. It is a great strategy to try to blend your campaign signs into the scenery so the voters don’t notice them.  Why not just make them camo and stick them all in the woods?

I have friends in Victoria and Chanhassen that have not received any campaign literature or had a visit from Commissioner Workman this campaign season. In contrast, Cheryl Ayotte has knocked on their door in Victoria twice since June, and they have also seen her at Volksfest. Plus she has run several effective ads and inserts in the Chanhassen Villager. She is obviously working hard to earn your vote.

Workman seems to be content with having a few friends put up a few signs and then waiting for the votes to roll in.  That’s not how elections work. With a name like “Workman” would would think the man would work, man. Instead he should change his name to Lazyman, because he has done nothing to show the voters that he wants the job.

Why would anyone bother to vote for a guy who can’t be bothered to show up?