I picked this up from DumpBachmann.com – a blog that is no friend of mine or of conservatives. I find most of the posts there pretty disgusting, but even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.

In this case, the nut is Frank Long. And oh, what a nut he is.  I thought the biggest blunder of his career would be the stupid boycott of the League of Women Voters. According to the letters to the editor in the local newspapers, I have been right.

Until now.

DumpBachmann.com has a story entitled Why Can’t Michele Bachmann Quit Hanging Out With Convicted Criminals? featuring this picture of Frank Long and Michele Bachmann staring longingly into each other’s eyes.

According to the original source, a blog named felonyfrank2012 Frank Long has not only the 3 DWI convictions that he admitted to in the Chanhassen Villager, he also has a felony drug conviction from 1986.

A Felony Drug Conviction

In his own words, Frank says people shouldn’t dig around in his past, which is very likely why people went digging around in his past.

“I would like this opportunity to state that those who scour the backgrounds of people willing to take on the daunting task of running for office, and take past information and misinformation, and use it to try and poison a campaign are a large reason good, capable people don’t want anything to do with politics.” – Frank Long, Chanhassen Villager

Frank Long as “Petey”

I want to be very clear that this is an allegation.  The felonyfrank2012 site links to Florida’s Pinellas County website. If you do a search, there are records of the arrest and conviction for drug distribution from 1986 that appears to be the same Frank Long that has a DWI.  I’m no Private Investigator, but it looks to me like it is the same guy.

But someone ought to be asking him about this.  A candidate forum, sponsored by the League of Women Voters would be a great place to ask him this question, but he and his buddies have conveniently decided to boycott the televised event.

Frank, why did you lie about it?

The far-left DumpBachmann website is concentrating on Frank’s association with Michele Bachmann, and Frank’s anti-train stance, but voters in Carver County should be far more alarmed about a candidate with a criminal past who lies about it in the newspaper.   And the traditional print media should be outraged and running with the story, but they are too cowardly. Thank goodness Al Gore invented the internet so that voters would at least have a chance to find out about this.

The next question to ask is why the Carver County GOP hasn’t come out to ask the question of Frank.  The local party should demand an explanation at the earliest possible opportunity.  Frank Long needs to explain. If he won’t do it in front of the voters or in front of the Party, he should do the only decent thing and withdraw from the race. If he is unwilling to tell the truth now, why would anyone think he will tell the truth after the election. Isn’t that kind of like passing the Obamacare bill so you can see what’s in it?

What Else Is There?

Finally, what about the Bachmann campaign? A County Commissioner race is one thing, but the United States House of Representatives is another. If I were Bachmann’s Campaign Manager I would have Felony Frank Long in a dark room somewhere figuring out if there are any other “surprises” before the election.  That photo has to sting.


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