A few days ago, I featured Frank Long: Eggface on this blog. I thought the backlash from the foolish He-Men Woman-Haters Club boycott of the League of Women Voters Candidate Forums would begin to fade this week. I really did.

Boy was I wrong.

I will leave it to you to read the Chaska Herald for yourself, but I had to pull out these two nuggets to tease you with. (I’m selling newspapers!!)

1 – Carver County GOP mouthpiece, Leidiger bootlicker and master of bad spelling, John Brunette, says the members of the He Men Woman Haters Club are like Obama. And then somehow tries to make that into a good thing. I thought they were Republicans. We’re trying to vote Obama out. So I guess we should vote those guys out too? The logic here is more twisted than a train wreck.

Vince Beaudette as “Spanky”

2 – Speaking of train wrecks, thanks to a letter from Vince Beaudette we now know that the He-Men Woman-Haters Club will be debating themselves at some Homeowners Association candidate forum which will be A) poorly attended, B) not recorded or televised, and C) completely lame.  Too bad those Women Voters are so guldurn “partisan.”

I have never seen a group of grown men spend so much time and energy devising new and creative ways to shoot themselves in the foot.  And with all this practice they are getting really good at it.