Tom Workman as “Alfalfa”

In recent weeks, the Tom Workman campaign (such as it is) has been driven off the road by political newcomer Cheryl Ayotte. Workman has continued on into the ditch by joining the He Men Woman Haters Club and picking a fight with the League of Women Voters.

So I ran to get my copy of the Villager this week, just to see if there were any more surprises in there about the career politician, lobbyist, and no-show.  I was not disappointed.

This week’s flyer outlines Workman’s financial problems.  Not unlike Ernie Leidiger, Incumbant Commissioner Workman has found himself in a bit of a financial problem.  While he is earning around $70,000 between his Commissioner job and his lobbying job, he just can’t seem to make ends meet in this tough economy, and has been behind on his taxes to the tune of $27,000.

Isn’t it ironic that while our Mr Workman is personally hauling in thousands of taxpayer dollars, he has failed to pay his own taxes on time!

This literature piece and Workman’s answer to the Chanhassen Villager candidate questionnaire confirms that he has been (or still is) in foreclosure proceedings.  Perhaps Tom Workman should take some time off from public service and get his own house in order.

Will he blame Obama, too?

A quick recap:

Week 1: Lobbyist – Workman has some explaining to do about his lobbyist activities. Working for the Minneapolis Park Board and the Met Council are possibly in conflict with his duties as Carver County Commissioner.

Week 2: No-Show –  Workman gets paid well, and receives a stipend to attend meetings, but shows up less than half the time.

Week 3: Financial Failure – Workman can’t manage his own finances, why should we trust him with ours?


Stay tuned!