Now we see more of why the He Men Woman Haters Club don’t want to participate in the League of Woman Voters candidate forums.

Ernie Leidiger as “Porky”

As has been stated, Ernie “Porky” Leidiger has problems: Campaign finance problems, Bradlee Dean problems, tax problems, business problems, and a shouting problem. It is not at all surprising that Ernie hasn’t been seen in public in a while and doesn’t seem to be campaigning. Ernie Leidiger has got lots of problems, and obviously doesn’t want to be asked any questions right now.

Tom Workman as “Alfalfa”

Tom “Alfalfa” Workman has problems, too. For years he has been selling himself as the only true conservative on the Carver County Board, while also working as a lobbyist for the Minneapolis Park Board and the Met Council.  He gets paid to go to meetings but allegedly doesn’t show up half the time.  Plus he seems to have some financial problems of his own. Yes, it is understandable that Tom Workman wouldn’t want to face those tough inquisitors at the LWV (or the people he represents).

Now we find out from the Chanhassen Villager Questionnaire that Frank “Petey” Long has a record of driving drunk.  Not once, not twice, but THREE times. And those are only the ones where he got caught. According to M.A.D.D., an average drunk driver has driven drunk 80 times before first arrest. They don’t list statistics for a guy that has been convicted three times.

Long tries to rationalize away these old convictions, but chastises people “who scour the backgrounds of people willing to take on the daunting task of running for office.” Which unintentionally raises the central question:

Does a candidate have an obligation to disclose a criminal past?

Frank Long as “Petey”

This author says YES. You have to disclose them on a job application, and in truth an election is a way of applying to the voters for a job. (This one pays about $50,000 per year). What Frank Long fails to understand is that an election is a job interview. We the people get to choose the best candidate for the job. This means we want to know about a candidate’s background, and we want a chance to get to know them through a public forum. It is easy to see why Frank Long would want to avoid the big mean ole League of Women Voters (and the folks at MADD, too). The public deserves to know the good and the bad before they go to the polls.

Bruce Schwichtenberg as “Froggy”

So far what we know about Frank Long is mostly bad. Before he ran for office, he was known for writing nasty letters to the newspapers, and for being the Chair of the Carver County GOP when they endorsed the loser Bruce Schwichtenberg for County Commissioner in 2010 (he lost to incumbant Jim Ische and then demanded a recount – which he also lost). Frank was also Schwichtenberg’s campaign manager in his ill-advised Primary run against Senator Julianne Ortman (which he also lost).

In his Primary election Candidate Questionnaire for the Carver County News, August 2, Frank says, “I’m an honest broker, you’ll get a straight answer.” Unless you never get to ask the question because I created a phony controversy around the LWV forum so I don’t have to answer.  

He also says, “Questions should be RECORDED. We should see the competency of our commissioner, and whether he can or will ask probing questions.” Unless you are asking probing questions about my criminal past, then I am not going to show up so I don’t have to answer.

I hope if you are reading this blog you will pay attention to Frank “DWI” Long’s criminal and negligent past (and for Heavens sake don’t ride in a car with him). Not just because of his criminal record, but because he hasn’t been honest with you. It is one thing for a candidate to be up-front and say that he made some mistakes in his youth – who hasn’t?  Its another thing completely to create a fake controversy so he doesn’t have to answer questions. Wrong is wrong.

It is obvious to this author that at least three of the five boycotters (The He-Men Woman Haters Club) have alterior motives for avoiding the League of Women Voters – and any place else they might be asked uncomfortable questions. It is safe to say at this point all the bluster about the LWV being “leftist” and “biased” was nothing more than a smokecreen to cover up the facts they don’t want voters to know about.  And, it turns out, where there is smoke, there is a 5-alarm fire.

When the current County GOP held ill-advised conventions to endorse partisan people for non-partisan offices, the Commissioner District 4 delegates (thankfully, in hindsight) decided not to endorse anyone (including Frank Long).

These revelations beg the question: What are Jim Walter and Vince Beaudette hiding??  Do they also have skeletons in the closet they are trying to hide from the LWV? Or will they distance themselves from the other Little Rascals? Until they do, they are guilty by association with Ernie the Tax Cheat, Tom Workman the No Show Lobbyist and “Lyin’ Frank” Long.

So do you think Leidiger, Workman and Long told the other two about the real reasons behind their skipping the LWV Candidate Forum, or did they lie to their friends as well as the voters? Will Beaudette and Walter break ranks with the Tax Cheat, the Lobbyist, and the Liar?

See how they run…

PS – “Thanks” for the “great” bunch of candidates this year, Carver County GOP. Do you just hang the Republican endorsement on everyone who comes along? Y’all might want to try checking into people’s background before you allow them to be endorsed. This bunch of clowns is not winning any hearts and minds. This the best we have to offer?