Tom Workman as “Alfalfa”

Recently we asked the question: What are you running from? We got a glimpse of a possible answer last week about Lobbyist/Commissioner Tom Workman (a/k/a Alfalfa).

In this week’s Chanhassen Villager article, Alfalfa says for all intents and purposes “the LWV is the Democratic Party of Carver County.”  Since Workman won’t be participating in the forum, I guess he won’t have to answer any questions about his lobbying activities, or his involvement with the Met Council. I was starting to think maybe the LWV bluster was really a smokescreen and the Little Rascals just didn’t want to show up because there was something each of them didn’t want to answer questions about.

Cheryl Ayotte as “Darla”

And after this week’s literature piece from Workman’s opponent, Cheryl Ayotte (a/k/a Darla), I am sure they are ducking the event, because I am convinced they are hiding something, and they are worried those crafty ladies of the League of Women voters are clever enough to get them to confess.

According to Darla, we should not be surprised that Workman won’t show up for the LWV forum, because he has a sketchy record of showing up for things in general, even when he is getting paid.

“As a Carver County Commissioner, Mr Workman is paid $49,526 a year in taxpayer dollars which includes a $515 a month stipend to represent us at important committee meetings.

However, as our lone representative on the Transportation Advisory Board, Workman attended only 30 of 68 meetings. As county taxpayers we paid him to represent us and have our voices heard on local transportation needs but he attended only 44% of the meetings.

Because we weren’t being properly represented, Workman was even removed from the TAB and replaced by another commissioner.”

One thing is for certain, Alfalfa won’t be singing to Darla anytime soon.