I admit it, I couldn’t wait to get the next issue of the Chanhassen Villager.  It did not disappoint.

Jim Walter as “Mickey”

Much of the paper was devoted to the He Man Woman Haters Club open letter to the League of Women voters and the League’s response. There is a story on the front page which says the League will likely cancel the forum because the Little Rascals (Spanky, Alfalfa, Mickey and Petey) have decided to stay in their treehouse.

Frank Long as “Petey”

This would be a shame.  This is one of the few opportunities for voters to meet the candidates and explore their positions on the issues. Unless you are home and they knock on your door, or you happen to run into one of them at Volksfest or something, you have to rely on whatever you read in the paper about them.

Vice Beaudette as “Spankey”

Speaking of that, so far the only thing we have really read in the paper about Spanky, Mickey and the gang is that they don’t like Women Voters very much, and that if you disagree with them, you are a liberal hack.

Ernie Leidiger as “Porky”

There is also a story about Ernie Leidiger’s tax problems. It looks like Porky has joined the gang in the treehouse, and will also chicken out of the LWV forum. I can’t really blame him, and honestly, by the time you work through his tax problems, business dealings, yelling at old people, campaign finance violations, and Bradlee Dean, the forum would be over and no one else would get to take a question. So its probably a good thing.

Alfalfa came to poor Porky’s defense though.

Workman said the last straw for him was the LWV’s recent treatment of state Rep. Ernie Leidiger after a dispute over the Voter ID amendment. Workman said that Leidiger’s behavior was inaccurately portrayed.

“What they did to Ernie Leidiger is unacceptable,” Workman said.

“I’m not sure what their goals are today,” Workman said, “but they seem desperate to keep the voters from passing simple Voter ID.”

Tom Workman as “Alfalfa”

So the question becomes one of reputation.  The LWV has been around since 1920. Ernie has been less than honest about his businesses, taxes, and campaign finances. Turns out Workman has a double life as a Commissioner and a Lobbyist.  Who are you going to believe?