Today’s Wing-Nuttery comes at you from the Left side.

Our old pal Two-putt Tommy (Minnesota Progressive Project) attempts (and fails) to make the case that because the mainstream media has not yet put Representative Leidiger on a spit and roasted him over the eager flames of the Press Corps – therefore there is no media bias.

While I will not defend Leidiger’s heinous tax problems (still waiting for an explanation from the Rep, btw), TPTom’s straw man is lacking in several key things (known as facts)

Local media here in Carver County is on a weekly publication cycle. Monday deadlines for Thursday newspapers make stories appear to develop more slowly. This is the way it is out here in flyover country. We deal with it.

The story has been picked up in the mainstream media, MinnPost, Politics In Minnesota, just to name a few.

Just because the Red Star and Tribute hasn’t printed it yet doesn’t mean there isn’t a bias.  Sounds like someone is a little pissed their story hasn’t gained more legs.

Once again, TPTom uses a brush so broad he needs both hands, but it doesn’t matter anyway because both candidates in the race appear to have gone missing. As was pointed out here, Leidiger is doing nothing, and Pickering has raised a paltry $1100 and is also doing nothing to get votes.

Bold prediction: This “race” will be won by the man who gets more than 154 votes, but since no one is spending any money, the victory party will be AWESOME.