Ernie’s most current Campaign Finance Economic Interest Statement shows his occupation as “Legislature” (sic) and his employer as “State of Minnesota.”  He lists no sources of compensation, holds no securities, and states that he owns no real property (his homestead is listed in his wife’s name on the tax rolls).

Ernie’s business problems are well documented as are his tax problems and his legal problems.

So, since he apparently is no longer working, and the Legislature is not in session, Ernie should have lots of free time on his hands to run a campaign for re-election.

What is up with his campaign, anyway?  As of July 23, 2012 he had raised $5300…including a $178 contribution from Ernie Leidiger (listed here as Self-employed/Farmer/Business) to cover the speeding ticket…and spent $3400 leaving cash on hand of $2700. (source)  So where is the money going?

  • Paid Carolyn Hoerneman‘s phone bill from January-July 2012 to the tune of over $600 (WTF!?)
    • No, really – W T F ?!?!?!
  • Spent $600 on two fundraisers (5/30 and 6/2) – did he gain any money or just have a party?
  • Paid $300 fine to Campaign Finance from the speeding ticket fiasco on 4/30.

Nearly half of the available funds spent on non-vote-getting activities. That always makes the donors feel good. Speaking of donors, it should also be noted that every large donor for 2012 lives outside of Ernie’s House District.

He did receive $300 in itemized donations from the fundraisers, and since donations under $100 are not itemized, it is probably safe to assume that he at least broke even on the events, but likely did not net any additional funds. Must have been a hell of a party.

More importantly, where is the campaign activity?  At the Carver County Fair in August, Ernie was passing out his leftover literature from 2010 in the GOP tent.   I haven’t received any mailings from the Representative, or any phone calls. Have you?

He spent $900 on 4X8 signs in the 2010 election, but I haven’t seen one – not one – on display anywhere in the county. No yard signs, either. In fact, driving through Mayer the other day, I counted exactly zero signs. I dont even think there is one in Ernie’s yard.

Does he really think he can just coast to electoral victory with all the clouds of controversy surrounding his troubled life?  55 days to go, and he hasn’t even started yet.  Is he mailing it in, or has he just given up?

Has anyone seen this man?

[UPDATE 9/17] it was pointed out that Ernie doesn’t even have a campaign website anymore. http://www.leidiger.com/ has been gutted.  http://www.ernieleidiger.com is listed on his Secretary of State filing, but appears to be a shell that has been dormant since January 14.

I hope Ernie hasn’t been paying all that campaign money to Carolyn Hoerneman to keep his website updated. The site is actually worse than http://schwichtenberg4senate.com/ and I didn’t think that was possible.

[UPDATE 9/24] Ernie must read this blog. I found two signs around Carver County this weekend – one in Waconia and one in Carver. This is two more than Pickering has.