This is just sad…Carver County deserves better than this!

Queue the clown music, I am waiting for Ernie’s chief apologist to spin this one.

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LeftMN is reporting that State Rep. Ernie Leidiger’s tax lien situation is even worse than previously known.

From their story:

The most recent tax lien, filed by the IRS August 8th, 2012, is $70,175 for unpaid taxes going back to September 2009. This follows two state tax liens filed by the DOR, one filed May 24, 2012 for $14,693 and another filed April 11, 2011 for $59,328. Rep. Leidiger has tax liens totaling $144,196 for unpaid and overdue taxes going back nearly three years, over a year before he won election to the Minnesota House in November 2010. The lien documents are included at the bottom of this story.

The state tax liens are particularly troubling. The unpaid state taxes are “Sales & Use Tax,” which means failure to pay the state the sales and use taxes collected from customers, and “Withholding Tax,” which means failure to pay the…

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