With the number of times we have been hearing the name Ernie in the media lately, you would think that we were watching a Sesame Street marathon or something.  Once again the Carver County Republican darling Ernie Leidiger is in the news, regarding tax troubles, more and bigger tax troubles, like tax liens, and other bad stuff, like $144,000 worth of bad stuff.

Good ole Ernie it seems is like his buddy Bruce Schwichtenberg when it comes to not paying his tax bills.  While Ernie may not have used tax dollars to pay for a lawsuit, (that we know of) it seems that he too has decided to not send in the tax funds he collected when he was the great paragon of virtue in small business while running his shell companies, Jelco Parts.  It was recently reported and verified that Ernie owes over $144,000 in tax liens and who knows how much in outstanding taxes.  Way to go there big guy!  Way to set an example for the voters of 47A, the children, all of MN.   Please know that you are loved and adored, well at least by John Brunette and the crowd of angry idiots on the executive committee at the BPOU.

It seems that Ernie and Bruce are THE type of candidates that the BPOU wants out there representing the people of Carver County.  They are JUST what is needed in St. Paul to hold the line on taxes, cut government spending, and show people EXACTLY what fiscal responsibility looks like!  Certainly the whole concept of paying fewer taxes is something that both of them are familiar with as NEITHER of them is currently bothered to pay them!

What a great and spirited debate that would create on the floor of the house when good ole Ernie steps up to speak out in favor of reducing taxes.

Ernie: “Mr. Speaker I would advocate for the reduction of taxes to the business owners of Minnesota by simply having them do what I did…screw all the other tax payers out there, I just don’t like paying my part, so what the hell, pass the buck to the others.  Oh wait, I uh, did not mean, that, uh wait, maybe if I yell at some old folks I can work my way out of this hole I’ve just dug.”

Ernie, we maintain again that you are unfit for office, and that you are a LARGE embarrassment to the good people of Carver County.  You and Bruce preach about misallocation of tax dollars, frivolous spending, over burdening the average resident with taxes, and run away government spending; it would be nice if you actually believed what you were saying.

To the BPOU, please, thin your herd, cull out the angry idiots who think that these failures and their ilk are what should be representing us in St. Paul!  To John Brunette, we read your comments on the liberal blog out there and just cringe when you weigh in on things…please for the love of Ronald Reagan, shut the hell up!  Ernie does not need to be defended, you should let him go this one alone, defending him makes you look stupid (a lot), and his behavior really DOES MATTER!  We want representatives who will not bring shame and scandal to our doorstep!  Voters want someone who is able to control his own financial life before he even begins to make decisions for the budget of the State of Minnesota.  We are principled conservatives here and we hate being lumped in with you people because YOU are what is wrong with the GOP!  You should be quiet, and realize that people are watching.