Maybe you’re like me. I like efficiency—I dislike waste, best bang for the buck and all that.

I also want to further the conservative direction of the MN House and Senate.

So put those those two goals together and you’ll come to challenge of how to do it. Do you give $50 to candidate X who has hopelessly thin odds in a blue district because he’s your local guy. Or do you give $50 to candidate Y because she has been one of the best champions of the conservative cause even though she’s in a +10 red district. Neither are really helpful models when you have a Queenpin with deep pockets on the left casting money to every corner of the state looking to strategically take the legislature for the DFL.

There’s the set up, but before I share a working solution, a quick reminder of the odds. You likely already know them: Governor Dayton with either or both houses would enact, well, the opposite of everything he vetoed this last cycle and then some, making us less business friendly than former East Germany. Losing the House OR the Senate is simply not an option.

Enter MinnesotaPAC.com, a new organization designed precisely for regular guy who does not have a lot of money to spread around, but will strategically help some very key races in both the House and Senate.

MNPAC is a group of conservative Republicans who want to help candidates win in November. Based on the new district and precinct lines, they have selected 12 Minnesota House and Senate (6 each) races that ARE winnable with your help. These races were picked by MNPAC because they’re close—these are the races where just a little more effort like this, and a small donation will make a game-changing difference.

Have a look at their 12 candidate selections here. To offer a bit of personal interest, 3 of my favorites in MNPAC picks are: the great conservative Ted Lillie, long-time reliable problem solver David Gaither, and my brilliant friend King Banaian.

King’s district for example, has gotten only slightly friendlier for Republicans since redistricting, and in 2010 he barely made it through by ten votes [gasp]. Any of your friends who say one vote does not make a difference are wrong and doubly so when it comes to these tight races.

Here’s the pitch, all it takes to help MNPAC is a commitment of a $12 donation to MNPAC, a $12 donation to one of our chosen candidates once per week for the next 6 weeks, and a promise to volunteer. $84 bucks and helping out for a couple of hours—That’s it. Or keep it simple like I did and just give a one-time donation to MNPAC. Like I said, efficient, and strategically focused.

I just did it myself. And what I ask you to do is first, join up and commit. Then to please forward this to 5 of your friends and emphasize both the stakes, and the focused nature of this investment in the state of Minnesota. This is not just about helping Republicans. Far from it. Dayton and a DFL led legislature left to their designs would take us down a fast track of chasing businesses away small and large.

Get social with MNPAC here: Facebook and Twitter.

Original Post (WRITTEN BY DEREK BRIGHAM ON 09 SEPTEMBER 2012.): http://www.freedomdogs.com/fd/top-10/72-minnesota-news-and-topics/4950-you-can-make-a-difference-in-minnesota-this-election-season.html

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