The Ernie Leidiger story just keeps getting more bizarre as time passes. The freshman lawmaker from Mayer has managed to squeeze more scandals, missteps, idiotic statements, and financial problems into two years, than Charlie Rangel has in 41 years in Congress. Impressive.

As was reported in The Brick City Blog yesterday, Leidiger again has financial buzzards circling around one of his many shell companies. Apparently Leidiger thinks it is acceptable for a State Representative to run his businesses into the ground, not pay his withholding taxes, and to be fined for his refusal to do so; to which I’m sure he will say it was all the “cost of serving!”?

Representative Leidiger must find this all rather comical as he heads into election season, as he hails from Minnesota’s most conservative district and is most certainly to cruise to victory against hapless DFL candidate Keith Pickering, who as of the time of publishing, has only done campaign trail time at the Carver County Fair and even then was not that impressive, if ever there was an election where a DFL candidate could win in Carver County, this is it and Pickering is conveniently throwing it away.

Mr. Leidiger, you are an absolute failure of a businessman, a person, and a lousy example of what a public servant should be. You preach fiscal and personal responsibility, and like a preacher caught in an illicit affair seem to ignore your own message as you skulk home from your little tryst. You are as bad as it gets and we wish you would take care of your personal affairs before you open your mouth to either share hollow political rhetoric or to yell at geriatric women.

Please, take care of your problems, live up to your obligations; try hard to be someone that does not remind us of Spiro Agnew for crying out loud. The constituents in Carver County that actually DO PAY their taxes and their vendors are not impressed by someone who is their voice in St. Paul who cannot or will not do so.