I’d say “WTF Ernie,” but I already used that one.

And shockingly, John Brunette – the official party apologist – has already come to his defense with a resounding “It’s Obama’s fault.”

Seriously WTF people?!

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Recently, we’ve documented some of State Rep. Ernie Leidiger’s business troubles as well as his conflict with the local League of Women Voters.  Well, there are a couple of more items that have happened recently that you should know about.

In July, one of Leidiger’s businesses, Jelco Parts Inc., had another lawsuit judgment docketed against it, this one to Minnesota Supply Company (Case 27-CV-12-15539).  The Court determined that Leidiger’s business owes Minnesota Supply Company $1,149.45.  This is now the fourth case that Leidiger’s businesses have lost in the last 18 months, racking up over $40,000 in judgments.

Also, in July, as reported in the August 24, 2012 edition of the Minneapolis/St.Paul Business Journal, Leidiger had a state tax lien entered against him in the amount of $14,686 for withholding taxes not paid.  This is not the sort of example our elected leaders should be setting.

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