RINO – Republican in Name Only. This is the term that the ultra-conservative right-wing fringe and the Libertarian hijackers have used to describe the existing party apparatus that has built the Republican brand and put good people in office since the Civil War.

But since 2008, if you are not a tinfoil-hat-wearing, gold-standard-wanting, raw-milk-drinking, hemp-wearing, mockingjay-sporting, pseudo-anarchist, you are branded a RINO. This ends here and now.

The real RINOs are these boneheads that crawled out of their basements and tried unsuccessfully to hijack the Republican party out from under us. They were never Republicans and were never interested in becoming members of the Republican party. They are at best Libertarians and at worst Anarchists, and they ran slates of RINOs in the caucuses and conventions and chased many good people away.

It is time to call these RINOs what they really are: the extreme right-wing lunatic fringe. Republicans in Name Only; a failed coup attempt.

And it is just as important to note that we have defeated them. Soundly, decisively, and convincingly.

They ultimately failed to take over the party and in the process they made fools of themselves in Tampa, acting all butthurt because it turns out their guy Ron Paul is so unpopular he couldn’t win an election anywhere in the country. And they were rewarded with a seat off in the nosebleed section – the closest thing to exile the RNC could do without putting them outside the arena with the Code Pink people dressed as vaginas.

These RINOs have cost us months of work and thousands of dollars in a completely wasted effort. Many of them have risen to leadership roles in their BPOU, CD or the State party. Some of them were foolishly convinced to run for office of their own. Now the sails have gone completely slack and they have no intention of doing anything more.

So it is up to the real Republicans to finish the race. If your local party organization is run by one or more of these RINOs, don’t waste another minute or dollar on them. Find a real Republican candidate and work your ass of to get them elected.

It is time to banish the RINOs back to their basements and win some elections. They want you to think they are a multitude. They are not. Prove it to yourself – organize a lit drop in your area and see how many actually come to help. Plan to be alone.

Because it was never about the Party. It was never about winning elections or any of their ‘principles.’ It was always about a cult of personality, and small-minded pathetic people trying to ride his coattails to their first real job.

Sadly, too many of us let them in and let them falsely accuse real Republicans of being unworthy. Shame on us. We built this party, we added value to the brand, we took majorities in the Minnesota House and Senate, we pushed as much of our agenda as possible on the far-left Governor, and forced him to veto the rest. We sued over Obamacare, we took a majority in the House.  All while the Ron Paul RINOs were in the basement on the Ham radio drinking the raw milk. They did nothing to help, and then they emerged when the work was done to call us unworthy?!

Your Revolution has failed. Back to the basement, RINOs.

Time for the real Republicans to take back the party. Elections have consequences and we won.