The primaries are over, the convention is in the books and the screaming, birther, Ultra-con, RonPaulZombies are winging their way back from Florida to their mother’s basements and consoling themselves with a warm cup of raw milk. But just like their big screen hero Luke Skywalker, these Jedi wannabees are hoping to make a return.

How will they do it? What is the plan? Simple, they are going to cast votes for Obama in droves. No, they are not going to actually fill in circles on a ballot for Obama, they are going to undertake a massive write in campaign for Captain Liberty himself and in doing so, usher President Obama back into the oval office.

Much like the angry Carver County GOP voting debacle in the 2008 Norm Coleman/Al Franken race angry malcontents decided that Senator Coleman was not conservative enough and decided to stay home, not vote for Coleman, and now we have Big Al, the Liberty caucus purists will refuse to believe that Romney actually won and will be the GOP candidate for President. Mark my words, they are breaking out their MockingJay pins like they wore at the GOP convention and will “Strike a blow against the establishment”!

Sycophants like Marianne Stebbins, and her ilk will whip the faithful into a frenzy and get them to turn out to the polls and vote for Ron Paul, because the “convention rules malfeasance” is so profound that Romney must be taught a lesson, that the “true” conservatives and all of their friends can change the tide of the election for Dr. Paul. Well, they can certainly change the tide of the election, but not for Ron, they will deliver a win to President Obama.

Like was written here the other day, Dr. Paul lost, he is not the candidate, and will not be on any national ballot, get over it people and order your Romney/Ryan yard sign and sign up to door knock for Mitt. If you don’t, and decide to “punish the RINOs” (which is just about all people who voted GOP until this year) you will most surely be casting a vote for President Obama, and YOU will be the ones to blame.

Don’t believe me, just ask Ross Perot how his presidency went…..