Paging all RonPaulZombies: You promised.

You promised when you took over the Minnesota Caucuses that you would work for the Republican Party of Minnesota even if your guy lost.

Your guy lost. Time to get to work. We will hold you to your promises.

We are already hearing reports of RPZ laziness/sabotage and it needs to stop.  There are 2 months to the election and it is time to get to work. Get on your people and get it done: lit dropping, phone calling, door-knocking, and fundraising. And the Republican-endorsed candidate for President is Mitt Romney, not Gary Johnson.  Get to work.

The CD5 website is down because your guy couldn’t be bothered to pay the bill. The 4th CD is sitting on a pile of money that should be used to help candidates in federal races – instead you bicker over blogs. Our own Carver County BPOU is messing around in City/County races while Ernie screams at senior citizens. Where are the leaders to step forward and put an end to this garbage?

We’re waiting….  Bueller? Bueller?

It should be painfully obvious from history that we, in Minnesota, need to work to win. We have created Governor Dayton and Senator Franken by razor-thin margins because we didn’t do quite enough. We cannot afford one more day of infighting and division. If you RPZs don’t understand that, then at least have the courtesy to step aside.

Otherwise, you will get what you deserve: four more years of Obama, a DFL-led legislature, and your own tiny irrelevant 4th party. Instead, be part of the solution – join the winning team. Victory parties are far more fun than being exiled to the back of the convention hall.


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