Commentary: In his speech to the RNC Tuesday, Gov. Chris Christie said that “Leaders change polls.” Well, so do dumbasses: May I present Rep Ernie Leidiger yelling at old people. #facepalm

UPDATE: This blog post (bluestem prairie) made me laugh out loud. Multiple times. I really really hope the Carver County GOP stops defending the party boatanchor. But I know they won’t. His friends toadies will crawl out of their basements and hoist a raw milk in his honor for fighting against those demonic “women voters.”  

Rift opens over photo ID amendment (Chanhassen Villager August 29)

State Rep. Ernie Leidiger is in a tussle with the local League of Women Voters over a constitutional amendment on this fall’s ballot.

At a meeting open to the public last week at a Waconia senior facility, Leidiger admits to “standing up and challenging” members of the League of Women Voters (LWV) of Eastern Carver County over their presentation on the voter/photo ID constitutional amendment.

LWV members’ assessment of Leidiger’s behavior wasn’t so kind.

LWV members said Leidiger was “uncivil,” loud and interrupted the presentation to about 25 people at Westview Acres.

“He was loud, boisterous, argumentative and bullying,” said Glenda Noble, an LWV member who helped arrange the presentation. “His manner and tone was not appropriate. We were guests in a facility that houses older people. The public is welcome, but we expect them to behave.”

The LWV has taken a position against the photo ID amendment.

Sharon Moeller and Bev Geffert said the LWV’s process is to do research, come to a consensus and take a position on issues. (See letter to the editor on page 4). They said the information presented at the meeting was factual and showed what the effect of the amendment would be.

The state LWV maintains there are three primary reasons to vote against the amendment — photo ID requirements would create hurdles for otherwise eligible voters; the requirements are not necessary for election integrity because no one in Minnesota has ever been convicted of voter impersonation; the requirements would add more costs to elections.

“What I heard was astounding,” Leidiger said. “It was nothing but fear-mongering, lies, distortions, and made-up scenarios to frighten the elderly to vote against the amendment.”

Leidiger, a Republican from Mayer, is a proponent of the amendment and said it is needed to interject integrity back into the voting process and to eliminate voter fraud.

League members said the meeting wasn’t designed to be a debate. Questions were welcomed but LWV members said Leidiger interrupted several times without posing a question.

After the presentation, Geffert said she told Leidiger she was a constituent of his and was disappointed in his behavior.

“What’s missing in our political discourse today is people are not disagreeing agreeably,” Geffert said. “That’s a huge concern of ours.”

Leidiger, however, said he was just being “loud” and the LWV should be held accountable for the information presented.

“The League was silent about views from those in favor of the amendment, and they never spoke of the origins of the initiative, the bi-partisan Help America Vote Act (HAVA) of 2002, and the subsequent Carter/Baker Commission results of 2005, which fully recommended voter ID verification,” Leidiger said. “Instead, the League appears to be nothing but a bunch of lap-dogs for (Sec. of State) Mark Ritchie and the Democrats. They are pathetic partisan hacks.”