I’m looking forward to the end of the Republican National Convention later this week.  Mostly because Republicans can stop tiptoeing around Ron Paul and his small group of nutjobs.

These are the people that post photoshopped pictures to show the “huge” crowds that show up to hear Dr Paul speak. The ones that STILL think there is some loophole in the rules that will allow Paul to win the GOP nomination this week (there isn’t – get over it). And when you try to point out that Paul only matters in 5/50 states that have a caucus system and that he has NEVER won a state primary in 2008 or 2012 (its never been close), they tag you as an enemy of Liberty.

(Head MN RonPaulZombie Marianne Stebbins) “described the Paul uprising as beginning about five years ago, when many ‘introverts and nerds crawled out of their parents’ basements’ and got involved, alarmed at the amount of government intrusion in their lives.  She talked about how they became friends first, then allies. The Paul supporters helped each others’ businesses, set up ham radios and began ‘drinking raw milk from each others’ farms.’ (Star-Tribune)”

That’s what we are up against? A hostile takeover from the basement-dwelling raw-milk drinking ham-radio cannabis wing of the party? How in the world has this lasted this long?  And shame on any candidate that aligned themselves to this movement without bothering to look past the self-generated hype to see the legalize-pot, anarchist, isolationist undertones lurking in the shadows.

“In the fall of 2011 they asked me to chair the Minnesota campaign,” she said. “We went ahead and did what needed to be done. This movement is just getting started. You’ve got people here in Minnesota who are just now running for city council. So those people aren’t on the radar yet. Some of those will win and some won’t, but that’s where it starts. Those are the acorns, the shoots, that will spread out.” (Lake Minnetonka Patch)

Does that statement make anyone else feel as skeevy as me? Creepy little sleeper cells of RonPaulZombies sitting on City Councils and County Commissions and School Boards around the state, waiting for the signal to activate from the Mothership… braaaaiiinnssss…..

I give them some credit for organizing and taking over the Minnesota caucus, working within the system and focusing their effort. That was very well played.  Shame on the Minnesota GOP for creating a system so easily manipulated by such a small minority. Shame on all of us for not fighting harder to keep them in the basement on their ham radios drinking their raw milk.

Update 8-28-2012: See?!?! – and it wasn’t even close.  Time to move on to November. PaulZombies – Time to unite and put your energy and organization to work defeating Obama.