This election cycle has been defined by something that is really unattractive and damaging, something that has the ability to redirect the energy of the activist and voter into apathy, revulsion, and ultimately dropping out of political activism altogether. That something is Anger, unbridled, outrageous, and unattractive anger.

Anger has its time and place, but it should be infrequent and really be reserved for times when it is wholly appropriate and will elicit the correct response from the opposition. That time is not 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The voters of Carver County have said that they want someone who will be on the attack against the liberal agenda, will work to keep the liberal Governor from expanding the role of government in Minnesotan’s lives, and preserve our way of life, but will do so without screaming.

This past session we were able to outmaneuver the DFL. We lowered taxes, passed important legislation, moved several crucial constitutional amendments on to you the voter on the November ballot, erased a deficit and created a surplus, all without yelling. We won. We did it with conflict to be sure, but the key point is this; you can have great and spirited debate for hours on end, can refute your opponents points, turn their words against them, build an ironclad case, pass legislation, all without screaming at one another. And go have a beer afterward.

It is important to point out : The DFL is on the other side of all the issues! They protested to be sure, but they did not SCREAM at us, they did not accuse us of doing disgusting things to animals, question our integrity, and fabricate lies. They understood that our job as states-people is to advance our cause and provided a worthy opponent in the debate. The screaming, the lies, anger and character assassination during the Carver County Primary came from fellow Republicans and I am calling for it to stop.

The bile and spittle accomplishes nothing; many voters have commented that they are embarrassed to be associated with that kind of vile anger. It is unattractive, divisive, and ultimately takes away from our cause: retaining the majority in the House and the Senate here in Minnesota, and electing Republicans to all our federal positions.

Abraham Lincoln said that “A house divided against itself cannot stand”, and he was right then about slavery, and it is appropriate now to where we find ourselves as a party. We must work for candidates across the state vital to retaining the GOP majority in the Minnesota House and Senate, we must defeat Amy Klobuchar, we MUST defeat President Obama, we MUST pass Voter ID and the Marriage Amendment, and WE MUST do so together as a unified party! If we don’t, we fail, the DFL will take control, and we will slip back into a minority position of obscurity.

The choice is yours, will you yell and scream at fellow Republicans, or will you take the fight to the opposition and help the party win?