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Government is the problem, not the solution.  — Ernie Leidiger, Chaska Herald, 2010

One of the consistent building blocks of State Rep. Ernie Leidiger’s political ideology has been his call that government (at the federal and state level) needs to get out of the private sector’s way, cut spending, and let the “job creators” do their work.

How has that ideology played out in Leidiger’s life and business career?

Rep. Leidiger hasn’t been the most ardent supporter of public education in his career in the legislature.  Leidiger has voted against the last two bonding bills in the State House, both of which had vital projects in both the MnSCU and University of Minnesota systems.  He also flip-flopped on a campaign promise and voted in favor of shifting $700 million away from our K-12 schools.  Leidiger, it should be pointed out, graduated from the most public of public schools…

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3 thoughts on “Leidiger: Hypocrisy, Eviction, Lawsuits and Porn

  1. Ernie also said, “If you’ve got an incumbent that is just not doing what you want them to do, then do you stick with that person just because they’re in leadership? No. I mean, I think that’s why we have elections. That’s why you change people out so the person that you put in is more reflective of your views.” – MPR July 30, 2012.

    Sounds like a challenge.

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